Tuesday, June 29, 2010


I must almost be finished, shouldn't I be? Surely.

Well maybe, maybe not. Who knows, it remains a mystery to many. It is a closely guarded secret, just as the change of final destination to Melbourne was.

But whenever I have/will finish I won't be posting my final post for a while. This is to let the message of this one sink in that bit more as it'll be the most important one I write.

It's pretty simple and sounds hollow when done incorrectly, so I figured if I devoted a whole post to it then even I couldn't stuff it up.

Ok, here goes...

Been needing to say this for a while but I figured people would tire of constantly hearing it so it'd mean more saying it properly just once.

I just wanted to thank everybody who has been in my life the last four months- either newly entered, returning, passing through or continuing on. I'm going to be a bit of a wuss and not mention any names at all in the hope that it'll offend every one just a little bit rather than offend a few people I forget to mention a lot.

Sam and I would love to say that we did this trip unassisted but that is definitely not the case because we have felt assisted every step of the way, whether it be from received packages/ letters/love letters and emails to calls, strangers stopping for chats and food deliveries, old friends going out of their way to help out to even simple things like a good horn honk, a smile and a wave it has all just added so much to this trip and none of it was asked for, just happily and willingly given. Has been very humbling and given me a new perspective on life, not to mention a few lessons on how to treat people.

I know this last four months will be imprinted on me for the rest of my life and the most positive thing to have come out of it is seeing not only how much good there is in people but also how much willingness, spontaneity, thought and wit they have to act on those good intentions. If I'm a better person for it then you get all the credit. Saying that if I turn out to be a real jerk then rest assured- you will all be copping the blame for it.

So to friends, strangers, colleagues, brothers, aunties, uncles, cousins, surrogate mums (and the actual one), father figures (once again and the actual one), randoms, adventurers, visitors, farmers, slickers, tourists, cyclists, shopkeepers, truckies, hoons, goons, vanners and slammers- read this and know it's coming from someone who means it- Thank you. You've made this experience the best one of my life.

Ok, that's all. The next post will be the last one. Then no more writing for me!

Until then,

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