Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Oh, Oh, Ouyen

Now 100 kilometres into the final stretch and have to say- it's been tough. Not for any other reason than me not wanting to leave Mildura. Was definitely dragging the heels a lot the first two days, going all of 50 kilometres in that time, but the further I have got away the better it is and have managed to get into Ouyen tonight. Of course I've found somewhere to plug in the computer as it hasn't been sunny enough for the solar panel to be of any use except as somewhere for Wilson to sit. When it gets sunny Wilson is going to find himself slightly less comfortable, I've already warned him about that.

Wasn't going to write anything here, but as there's only 450k's to go I figure I'll write one any chance I get, even if it is ordinary. Two more weeks and it's all over, it's a bit hard to believe at the moment.

Currently aiming at a July 1st finish, but as has been the way the whole trip that will be more a guide than a deadline.

Couple of photos this time, none any good.

This was the first photo taken with the new camera. Thought I'd share. You're welcome Levi.

My first camp after leaving Mildura. For those who know Mildura you will notice that it's barely out of Red Cliffs, which is barely out of Mildura.

Some homeless bum in Ouyen.

That's all for now. Mainly just posted this so I was doing something productive while the computer was charging. Now it's fully charged I can go back and watch some Black Books in my swag.

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