Sunday, June 13, 2010

From Perth to ..... Melbourne?!?!

So there it is, the worst kept secret in history. I'm going to Melbourne instead of Sydney. And no, I am not changing the blog website, mainly because I do not know how.

After a few weeks of agonising over the idea I finally have decided on it and am already following the Calder Highway down to Melbourne. There is no turning back.
There were many reasons for the change of heart. Admittedly one of them was the fact Melbourne is over 350k's closer than Sydney which was very desirable considering my well-known time and financial constraints. But, being Victoria-born so therefore a part of the all too healthy Vic vs NSW rivalry it was a good feeling to choose Melbourne over Sydney. It is after all the cultural capital of Australia. And the sports capital, and the multicultural capital etc. No need to go on about that though as everyone already knows it.

So have already booked my flight back to Brisbane for July 6th, giving me a week of bludging before uni starts up again.

Enough about that - how was my week at home (Mildura)?

It was perfect. Couldn't have asked for a better week. Makes me miss the place a lot, especially my old cricket club. Had a night catching up with them all and handing over the paltry amount of money that I had raised for them. For the record- It was paltry not due to others not being kind-hearted and donating money to causes but because I refused to accept many donations. Once again, this is not in any way a charity walk. It's a 100% selfish act and I'm OK with that. But still some people insisted on giving me money and because I felt uncomfortable taking it for myself I instead kept it to give to the Club. Anyways, what I ended up giving to them they at least matched with a brand new pair of top of the line shoes that were 3 times more expensive than my original pair as well as a club shirt, cap and photo. And that is why they are the best club in the world. Hopefully I will one day be back there again.

So yes, perfect. Much more happened I'm sure but you know, memory of a goldfish. Sorry that I didn't post sooner- I was too busy catching up on missed TV and junk food.

Currently at the Big Lizzie in Red Cliffs using some more free power. Why I didnt just do this at my brothers' place I'm not sure. Free power is just a lot more fun to use than the normal stuff I guess.

Ok, so I caved and bought a new camera. That means $80 less chocolate until I get to Melbourne. Here's what it's got so far. All rolled gold.

Meet 'Wilson' my new walking buddy. Courtesy of my mum and brother's sense of humour. Hilarious.

He doesn't really say much, so I think we'll get on great.

My youngest brother Levi, who came and saw me in Mildura. He was putting on this face, I wasn't. Can't remember what he was doing, but it was the only photo of both of us. Pretty sure he was either trying to lick me or eat my beard. Little creep.

The updated trek map, kindly stolen from some internet site. The purple line is the distance Sam and I went together, the gold is the solo session (170k's of that was with Carly however), the black is the now defunct path to Sydney and the orange is the new way I'm taking to Melbourne. There is 2 months of purple line there, 1 month of gold line and hopefully only 17 days of orange line.

Taken by the local paper who did two articles on me when I was back. Picked a good day as I had all my best clothes on and the hair was brushed just last week.
Some of the article is on the net - They do a pretty good job making a story out of all the nonsense I sprouted to them.

Ok, that's all for now. Off to test out my new Workers Gol-Gol CC sponsored walking shoes.


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