Thursday, June 3, 2010


Greetings from just outside the Lyrup public amenities. Silly council workers left the door to the cleaners cupboard open thinking it was safe and noone would stoop so low as to plug in all their electrics there just for some free power. Big mistake by them. So doing this blog outside the public toilets of Lyrup. Classy I know, but I've got a feeling a lot of blogging gets done around here anyways.

Ok, walking update. Well, after Spalding it got even wetter. And windier.

If you have been out in the rain when it is so windy that the rain is coming down almost horizontally then you know it isn't much fun to be out there for long. But at least theres a warm dry shelter when you've had enough!
Unfortunately not so for yours truly. 3 days straight of 40k+ winds coupled with heavy rains.
Oh, and another thing that makes for an unhappy walker. Wet matress, doona and pillows for 2 nights. No dry clothes either, including shoes, socks, jumpers etc. Just a thought. So if anyone got any calls from a miserable sounding Leigh last week then that's why. Apologies.

But it has cleared up very nicely the last two days and have been once again blessed with perfect weather and great roads. Getting very close now to my home town, Mildura, and will be stoppping there for around a week to catch up with family and friends as well as taking stock and assessing my walking options. And have already booked in for several spa sessions at the Aquatic centre there, not to mention 16+ hours of unwatched Stargate, which coupled with a lot of greasy oversized pizzas and soft drink is probably the closest thing to the perfect break for me.

Ok, almost forgot and I really shouldnt considering it happened last night! Sue and Brent- Thank you so much!
Backstory- Sue and Brent are family friends who live around Berri, which I walked past today. Anyways they got tipped off by someone (mum) that I was in the area. They must've also been informed that I was quite partial to pizza, soft drinks, chocolate and pineapple lumps (for those who haven't tried pineapple lumps do it now, thank me later) and so they tracked me down and delivered an amazing amount of food , a slab of soft drink (brilliant!) and some hot cheeselovers pizza. Was the best feed since Burra where I conned the local cafe to cook me up a pizza for breakfast. And apart from the feed the company was fantastic! Sorry if it looked like I hadn't showered for several days, that is of course because I hadn't. And apologies if you noticed the cheese stuck in my beard, I had it for breakfast this morning if it helps.

Photos. Could be the last few for a while as my camera has decided to take an unauthorised break. As in it's not working. And I'm not buying a new one, so it's a standoff.

Theres a reason they made all those wind towers there. It gets quite windy around these parts. Taken during a brief respite from the rain.

Heres a way to show some serious contempt of Burra's rich historical past. Set up your dirty camp next to some important monument of theirs for the night.

For all you Brisbane people. Was very similar to your local RE but with one added bonus. It didn't serve beer anymore. Can see that idea taking off, could be a real money spinner.

Where I camped last night. Looks great, until you know I was actually on the road taking this photo. And by road I mean Highway, the Sturt Highway (ie. the main road for truckies from Adelaide to Melbourne and Sydney, quite busy all night)
This is also where I got my pizza and groceries delivered. Amazing! Sue and Brent, it was just brilliant, thank you!

First sign home! Hmm, actually thats a lie I saw one the day before but I had rolled the camera up in the swag then and couldn't be bothered unrolling it.

And thats it.

So hopefully next time I post it'll be from Mildura! But it'll probably be after the spa, pizza and Stargate-Universe happen. They understandably take preference.

See ya,

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