Tuesday, June 22, 2010

More Questions Answered

Still bearing down on Melbourne quite steadily and have stopped in Charlton tonight at a custom built pit-stop of sorts for tourists called the Traveller's Rest, and I have decided to take the name quite literally and set up my swag under one of their picnic pergolas. Such things are probably frowned upon by the caravan park next door but once again I'm not too keen on paying $20 to roll out my swag on their lawn.

With 250 Kilometres to go there are still however a lot of questions that remain unanswered and not much time left to answer them. Tonight I'll try and get through a few more.

What has been the best part of the trip to walk? Surprisingly, the Nullarbor. Was actually beautiful in parts, and along with flat straight roads and extremely helpful passers-by made it easily the best part of the journey. Although admittedly I do not miss treating roadside drop toilets as a luxury.

Are you walking all the way into Melbourne? No way. Going to keep going until the traffic no longer allows me on the main road then finish up around there. At the moment it looks like around Calder Park- near the speedway there. Shaun'd know why I want to finish there.

How much weight have you lost on the trip? Have actually gained around 10 kilos at the moment, much to everyone's surprise. No real surprise to me though considering how much Sam and I have eaten this trip.

What has been the hardest part of the trip? Seriously, spending so much time alone. Never thought I'd ever say that. I am usually quite comfortable in my own company- so that has been the most surprising part of the trip for me.

Here's a few photos as well, with attached questions...

How do the farm animals react when you pass?
Well, as can be seen here, horses seem to love the whole walking along the road with a cart. They probably think the trailers full of food. Cattle all turn and look, although none actually move at all. Dogs go beserk of course, sheep run away. Emus follow from a distance, Kangaroos are too busy dead on the side of the road to notice much, mice love the trailer and cant really get them to leave, and alpacas remain indifferent to the whole thing. Llamas however get quite agitated- but as any self-respecting Mighty Boosh fan would know there are quite a few ways to calm a Llama down. (Bec that last part is for you and your 200+ friends/followers- I hope they enjoy it. Thug Life)

What's the nicest picture that's been drawn for me, ever? To be fair this doesn't get asked a lot (or at all) but it's pretty much just an excuse to post this, my newest addition to the trailer, a beautiful picture drawn by Charli from Wycheproof. She even got as close to spelling my name right as most people do. Liy is as close as Lee to spelling Leigh, and I think I prefer Liy anyways. Thanks Charli- I love it! And thank you so much to Debbie as well for putting me up in Wycheproof for a night which included washing all my disgusting clothes and eating half the contents of her fridge. I really appreciated it- hopefully I'll be back again soon. Oh, and special mention goes to Kim with her amazing blueprints for our dreamhouse.

How's the beard going? Terribly. Can't wait to get rid of it. Took this photo yesterday. Actually took a few more as well but I chose to post this one as in it you can see straight up my nose if you wish. Also I seem to be doing something weird with my tongue.

What have you found on the roadside while walking? Well today I found this $20 on the side of the road. Apart from that, not much. A bit of rubbish.

What music do you listen to while walking? The mp3 player, which is probably the best value and most important piece of equipment on the trip, has had many updates and revisions to its playlist over the past few months. Initially loaded by Sam it was fine for a while until it got the the point that if I heard one more Guido Hatzis prank call, Rodney Rude fart joke or Bob Dylan mega-ballad I would have probably run myself over with my own trailer.
So after clearing it and starting from scratch it has now been filled with-

Art vs. Science, Ash Grunwald, Augie March, Cat Stevens, Clare Bowditch, Diana Ross, Donovan Frankenreiter, Flight of the Conchords Foo Fighters, God is an Astronaut, James Morrison, Kings of Leon, Lisa Mitchell, Metallica, Mogwai, Muse, Michael Jackson ,Mighty Boosh excerpts, Paul Simon, Pink Floyd, Sebastien Tellier, Smokey Robinson, Sufjan Stevens, The Beatles, The Cat Empire, The Polyphonic Spree, Tracy Chapman, Xavier Rudd, Yeasayer

Alphabetically sorted of course as they're all equally helpful in getting me through the kilometres. All of them except one....

Britney. She makes some great walking music. Don't judge me.

Well that's all I can think of for now. Take it easy- 3 more blogs to go. That'll make it 33, my favourite number and a good point to finish. So will try to make them all better than the last few, but no promises.



  1. oooh nearly there Liy! Good idea stopping at Çalder, the traffic gets snarly after there. Keep on trudging, yes NEARLY THERE!!!!!! Janine

  2. You're almost done!!! Yay! Finally got around to taking the swag back to your mum and Sam last night. Had a nice long visit with them. Absolutely love your mum (she and my mum would get along like peas in a pod)!!! Anyway, can't wait til you get back to Brisbane! But before you get back I would highly recommend you get rid of the black shirt because I am pretty sure it probably smells worse now than when I was with you, and am also pretty sure the smell will never come out. XO