Friday, June 18, 2010

Same Shirt, Different Day

Well, more correctly, Same Shirt, Different Four Days. The smell is becoming quite offensive, even for me. Also with my hair in it's current state of care it's starting to fall out in protest and the shirt is only too happy to pick it up and keep it. With it being a black shirt my relatively light hair contrasts with it exceptionally well and it's starting to look like I own a cat with foot-long blonde fur, which is currently molting like crazy.

But to be fair it's my favourite shirt so I'll keep wearing it for a few more days yet. It's not like I'm currently out to impress anyone with my looks or personal hygiene at the moment. And I use the terms 'my' and 'shirt' loosely as it is actually Sam's thermal top which I stole as he left in Ceduna.

Anyways, have managed to trek the 88 k's from Ouyen to Sea Lake since last post (2 days ago). The combination of the new shoes and wheels have been scarily good as I am now walking around two hours less per day but am actually walking on average around 2-4 kilometres more. Goes to show how much of a difference not cheaping out on the basics makes! Thanks again Annie, Ashley and WGGCC. Makes me wonder how much quicker and less stress the trip would have been if I hadn't of bought everything from the bargain bins. Not that I'll ever learn my lesson, pretty sure I'll be a cheapskate for life. Plus it has all added to the challenge, would have been too easy otherwise. Pfft.

Here's the last two days worth of photos. Really starting to stretch it for both quality and quantity with the posts being so close together, but like I said before I'm going to post every chance I get now, even if it is terrible.

Where I set up camp in Ouyen. Once again showing a healthy disregard for authority.

Just about to get into a drag with this guy, 10k's out of Sea Lake. You can see Wilson on top,
he reckons he can take him by himself. Apparently the start line is just up there a bit.

From the start of the trip have gradually been finding better and better places to set up camp. This has come from a combination of skill, experience and total lack of shame. Behold tonights camp site, the absolute ultimate spot. Ultimate like the Russian boxer who belts up Rocky in Rocky 4. Power, controllable lighting, fully sheltered, benches and seating, adjacent toilets and rainwater tank. Unbelievable, although I don't think it's meant to sleep in. That's where the lack of shame comes in.

Well, its been a rough few days for Wilson. I haven't heard him complain much but I can tell he's feeling a bit flat.

Ok, well its off to bed. Can watch movies all night without worrying about the power bill, because the Sea Lake Council has graciously decided to foot the bill this time. Will probably post again from either Wycheproof or Bendigo. Or both, who knows. There isn't many more places left to post from, only 350 kilometres left now!

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