Sunday, June 6, 2010

My Flash New Tyres (Oh, and Almost Home)

Firstly to all who didn't get my text- Greetings from Victoria: The State of Champions. Anyone who needs it sent again just let me know, and some of you mightn't know but I actually come from Victoria. I'm just lucky I guess.

Anyways, it's been a pretty good week for me. Firstly Sue and Brent, now Annie and Ashley!

They must've got sick of reading about my tyres blowing so instead of ignoring my whining (which is what I would have done), they made a mercy dash out to me delivering wheels, cheeselovers pizza (my second delivery for the week!), chocolate (once again, second for the week), about a gallon of iced coffee and some puncture proofing stufff for the wheels so with any luck they wont have to hear me complain about them again!

And these wheels....... wow.

After getting used to the constant grinding, creaking and intermittent deflating of my $30 Toyworld tyres, these ones feel like cheating. Having already had two hours of walking with them and I didn't once have to stop to see if both of them were still pumped up, which I have had to do every day for the last month with my other ones. I didn't know they even made wheels this good- seriously amazing. Planning on one serious bonfire for the old ones.

Well, sorry but that's all. Mightn't seem that important to you, but the above news is probably the most singularly exciting thing that has happened for me on this trip. Yes, seriously. Figured I needed to spread the good news, I'm sure you're all as excited as me.

No photos- check previous post as to why.

...... Ok, one photo. Was the last one before the lens shutter decided it didn't need to open anymore.

Pow, take that Skip. Right through the jugular. Got a feeling they dont like roos around these parts.

Well that is it. Still two days off Mildura, staying just outside of Cullulleraine tonight. Will write again in a few days time.

Once again, finally, thank you so much Annie and Ashley. I still am as speechless as when I first saw you today (it was a surprise visit and I don't handle surprises well. Not to mention I think I still had some Weet-Bix in my beard from breakfast). To go for a 2 hour round trip like that is just unreal and as always I feel so grateful that we are friends, because you are very special (and far too good to me sometimes!)
And to mum, who no doubt tipped them off as well, stop that. It's not funny anymore.

Ok, thats it until Mildura.

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