Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Happy Birthday Mum


Saves ringing.

Enjoy your really (in)expensive gift that took us (not) a long time to come up with. I'm pretty sure you'll still like it though, as it was made with lots of love.

Keep up the good work.

From your son

Only card I could find in Wedderburn

Hint for your present. Pretty much giving it away.

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  1. Hey Leigh, it was great to meet you today, and have a bit of a yarn as one trekker to another! I'm a couple of days behind you with my horses. will be arriving in Melbourne on 4th July at 11am at the Peter Mac Cancer Centre in East Melbourne.
    I really get what you mean about finding out 'what's inside' by doing such a big walk...I feel the same about riding my horses over 1600 kms in 74 days from Kempsey (17.4.10)in Northern NSW down here to Charlton then Melb. my website is
    Enjoy the moments in these last days, I sure am!
    Blessings Maura Luxford