Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Nullarbor Bound

Ok, quick one before we leave, as it could be up to a month until the next post depending on reception over the Nullarbor.

Just had a final shop for groceries today, totally clearing out the local IGA. The poor girl at the register looked heartbroken to see us coming to her aisle. $375 later and we are now pretty sure we've got enough food for the next month, if only we could say the same for the people of Norseman now weve emptied their only supermarket of all their good stuff, leaving the poor kids without any lollies or muesli bars for the next while.
Its going to be a tough few first days as have to cross a hilly range before we actually hit the Nullarbor, towing probably about 170kgs each. If all goes well there, then hopefully it'll be a smooth trip for the next month as it becomes a lot flatter and we'll be eating/drinking down the weight of the trailers gradually as we go.

That's all since yesterday, so goes without saying that theres not too many photos worth posting between now and then. But heres some anyways.

Therese (and Audrey), thank you so much!!!! After following through on a promise to pop in from a random biker in the first week of walking, we came in to Therese's hotel in Norseman just to say hello. At least $50 dollars worth of groceries, some great cooking ideas and one of the best lunches in history later and we left with pretty big smiles on our faces. One of the nicest people I've ever met, cannot say how shocked we were at the generosity you shown us. Please keep in touch!

Was going to post the actual load of food we bought, but forgot. Heres the shopping list instead. Didn't actually get it on the photo but on the bottom of the docket it suggests we saved $52. My card countered that suggestion, suggesting instead of saving $52, we had actually spent $400. Shall bring the docket into the next Commonwealth Bank to have my account checked.

Getting a few last minor parking infringements out of the way before the Eyre highway.

So goodbye, if you dont hear from us for the next few weeks it means we're taking it a bit slower than we planned. If you hear from us in the next few days it means we hitched a ride to the next town. Either way, you'll hear from us soon. Bye!

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