Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Merredin to Southern Cross, Express

Going to quickly try and do a post now, as Sam has shotgunned the computer for the next two days, which are coincidentally the two days in this next week where there is internet service.

Had to deal with a few losses in the last few days, one being my wallet which is no surprise to anyone who knows me. Only problem is this one was given to me by a friend. Sorry Kyle, I think it's gone this time! Another loss equally hard to take was the loss of our beautiful wide roads with their shoulders, wagon roads or 'fat flaps' as they were affectionately called by some (us). So now we have to veer off the road whenever there is oncoming traiffic, and that happens quite a lot as we are on the main highway in WA. The final loss we will be able to deal with, and that is the loss of flies in our mouths and various other facial orifices, due to our amazing fly nets over our hats! Was definitely worth spending that day in Merredin getting one. Just strolled into Southern Cross around 30 minutes ago, found the nearest power point and started plugging in all our electrics. Might need to buy a double adapter to maximise power drain from each roadhouse.

Becoming minor local identities along the Great Eastern Highway, seem to be passing the same truckies daily who break several road rules each time they see us to accomodate us on the road, followed by a quick honk, thumbs up, wave or flash of the lights to let us know that they think we're alright , even though we're a bit crazy. We went through a little town called Moorine Rock today and had a chat to the owner there who already knew who we were before we got in the front door. Over an icecream he shared some stories about all the crazies who had done similar things, all of them ended with the same shake of his head. Was good to know we were now one of his head shaking stories anyways.

It's been a tough few days, having to deal with a lot of hills and still getting through an average 40kilometres each day, but slowly it is starting to feel easier and getting into a daily rhythm with it all. By Norseman, the last main stop before the Nullarbor, we should both be in peak fitness.

Ok, heres some more photos, none too enlightening unfortunately.

The spaghetti I cooked a week ago, totally laced with detergent. Still served it up, as didnt really want to waste the water, or the 50 cents worth of pasta in there. And surely detergent isnt toxic, right? Still, waited a week to post this one, just incase we both keeled over. Dont worry mum, I'm a good cook. And all the dishes pretty much cleaned themselves that night.

Sam doing a superman pose. Either that or sniping a bird with his imaginary crossbow.

The amazing Gwen from Burracoppin, who took us in for a much needed hot breakfast and coffee. Best breakfast so far!

Had to show off the new addition to the team, the 5L Insulated Water Bottle. Given to us by a guy in Kelleberrin as we were just about to leave the roadhouse, and has proved to be invaluable. Didnt know what we were missing until we got it! As you can see in the photo, even George approves.

Burracoppin, 25 people, 0 shops- 1 public phone. Last call for 90kms, as Virgin Mobile does not seem to approve of rural towns.

Standard camp we set up roadside most nights. Behind the trailers is the 'Golden Pipeline', which has followed us the whole way out of Northam, and I'm guessing will follow us the whole way to Coolgardie. Very impressive, has been a constant companion for us, not to mention a valuable windbreak at times.

Sorry theres nothing much to report on, next time hopefully it'll be a bit better. But it'll probably just be more stories of walking.



  1. glad you guys got protection from the flies! no fun indeed!!! sam has shotgunned the computer huh?? i wonder why? be safe u guys!! xoxo sam love u

  2. Those swags are pretty cool! Not like the swag I slept in when I went to Uluru (which was old and didn't even have a rain flap). Glad things are going well and all the locals are being kind. :) xo

  3. I have one thing to say .... You guys are amazing!!!!!! Okay, okay, one more thing - I admire you both so much and will keep up to date with your travels. Keep it coming, and good luck with your future kilometres.