Sunday, March 28, 2010

Last Stop to Nullarbor

After opting out of a late arrival into Norseman yesterday and staying 5 k's out of town, thereby saving Sam's already overused wallet from more roadhouse related spendings, we ended up walking into town early this morning.
In the last few days we have finally ran into a few serious issues after very trouble free and blessed initial run. The first was a little problem with the power outlet connected to the solar panel (we totally fried it) and secondly was a wheel rim not just buckling, but combusting. Wouldn't call it spontaneously combusted as it was a build up over 2 weeks of running off the road into steep ditches whenever there was oncoming traffic. Looking back it was lucky that worse didn't happen considering how much those poor trailers have had to deal with. Once again, big thanks to Steve from Aly-Tek for making such awesome trailers!
Anyways, to be safe we felt we needed to have both those things replaced before we went over the Nullarbor, and as there is nowhere even remotely close to replace those things we thought we'd be in some trouble.
But luck always seems to be on our side. Well, luck and a supermum. So yes, she managed to find and express post us a power thing as well as some easter eggs for a nice added touch. And as for the tyres, we thought that'd be a bit tougher as they couldn't be sent by post in time. But a recommendation of a bike store in Kalgoorlie from a chance meeting with a guy cycling from Sydney to Perth a few days before led to us ringing Hannans Bikes, and they were brilliant. Managed to send us the tyres as well as some other needed parts within the day, all for much cheaper than expected as well. Not to mention the fact that they also ran around town just to grab us some things they themselves couldn't stock! Thanks so much, you guys were brilliant!

Ok, anyways this is our final stop before the Nullarbor, and it is 1200 kilometres or a bit over a month until we see our next town! So spending the next day brainstorming and working out how to fit a months worth of supplies into our already overpacked trailers. If anyone has any ideas for cheap, easy and lightweight food that we can pack please let us know, otherwise its going to be a months worth of rice, pasta and cereal for us!

Starting to run into a few interesting folk, some extremely helpful, some not so much, but all at least very entertaining. The backpackers we met in Coolgardie who gave us pretty much a trailer full of food for our trip, an awesome camping guidebook and our choice of downloaded TV shows and movies to keep, I have forgotten your names but you were amazing. All of that will come in handy, especially the entertainment as we are going to get incredibly bored over the next month! Write us an email at and we'll let you know how all your food tasted! Same for the "Timboon 4", the guys we caught up with doing the fund raising trip by playing the "Worlds longest golf course", a 1350 kilometre golf course over the Nullarbor. Was great catching up with you- provided great entertainment in an otherwise pretty boring day!
Less helpful was the guy who insisted on giving us a lift into Norseman at 6am in the morning so we could go drinking with him, even though he looked to have already been drinking quite an amount and I'm pretty sure had stolen his work's ute. Thanks anyways though.

Still getting random donations by people into our two money tins taped to the trailers, even though we are not saying its for any charities or causes. People might just think we cant afford the food. Either way, it has brought the totals to the Workers GGCC and the Fred Hollows Foundation to a very unimpressive $55.20 and $34.50 respectively. Still, its better than nothing.
Could almost buy a cricket ball with that...

Ok, that's it. Will post one or two more times before we leave, because after that there will be no internet reception for probably around three weeks.

Photo time...
Sam and I with the "Timboon 4", the guys playing the worlds longest golf course and raising $10,000 while doing it.

Flies at 5:30 in the morning, before they wake to do kamikaze runs into people's mouths. The reason we needed to buy fly nets and look even dorkier than normal.

Sam doing a sneak photo of both of us. Unfortunately it's probably the best photo taken of me in many years, hence my reluctance of taking photos.

Our much anticipated return to Widgiemooltha. There was a roadhouse there as well, but we found the level of service and helpfulness in this fake dunny much better. As always, Widgiemooltha has done their best to underwhelm.

In front of a massive lake on way to Norseman. Even though it had rained for most of the previous week, the lake remained strangely dry. Notice whenever both of us are in the photo the camera shot is taken from really low. Two options I can give you for that. Either we are really artistic and its a really powerful angle, or we don't have a tripod and we have to rest the camera on an empty Powerade container. Only one is true.

Sam hugging a tin horse.

After a couple of emails requesting to see more of the trailers, I'll be putting up a separate blog in a few hours to give the lowdown on the SlamWagon and the GC Love Trolley.

Apart from that, its going to be 48 hours of preparation before we are off. Wish us luck....

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