Friday, March 5, 2010

Shepherd's Pie and Soy Milk

Dear Listeners,

Today I'm going to start the ball rolling with what LTM-Feelgood has to say about the current state of our Perth-Widgiemooltha sojourn. I figure this will be a good way to get the ball rolling.

Basically, Leigh wants me to say this on his behalf; he has nothing to say, and he's sorry. Not very sorry, probably not even a little bit sorry. If anything he is so unsorry that James Moore should launch into a state of panic-induced excercise should he read this blog.... which he never could. This begs the question of whether or not we should continue funding his reading lessons.

Today has been a very productive, all intellectual handicaps aside. Mary and Geoff, whom I am sure at least some of you know, have been immensely helpful to us. They've shown us the sights of Perth and Freo, driven us from shop to shop, given us plenty of advice, worried about us... we even have a lifetime supply of sheperds pie stocked in the fridge right now. A massive, massive thank you from Leigh and I.

Fortunately while we were out food shopping Leigh bought a really expensive bottle of soy milk, which then packed up our things for us. No, I have no idea either. I don't even like soy milk. He didn't even buy soy milk. But somehow our things were packed by an expensive soy milk bottle. Ask Leigh about it. Unfortunately our trailers are still sitting in a storage room on the ground level of the hostel with the wheels off, so we are going to have to get up at some ridiculous hour of the night to take them outside, set them up and figure out how we are going to pack all of our things in them.

This brings me to the next item of interest; what we have decided to take. I've given this some hard thought, but as a journalism student I naturally have no good ideas of my own. As such, I decided to steal ideas off other people, with the two major suggestions thrown my way being enourmous cable ties, and ultra-reflective triangles. Two trailers, two items. It is with great pleasure that I am able to announce that Leigh and I have decided to take one trailer filled with cable ties, and one trailer filled with rave-inducing triangles. The down side was that, because of the enormity of the quantities in which we bought those two items, there was no room for anything except George, who is now a firm member of our party. And no, member is not a dirty word here. Regardless, I'm not worried. I've been ensured by various people that taking large cable ties and reflective triangles is of great importance, and so I figure the more the better.

And so yet another comprehensible and informative blog post ends. In case you were wondering, we travel to Gidgegannup tomorrow. It's 53.4 km from here. Look at it on a map if you like. And please don't tell James we're we are going, he gets so frustrated trying to read the names of things on maps.

Chau for now,


PS, here are some pictures of us fiddling with a light that isn't actually broken:

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  1. Ha ha You can never have too many reflective triangles. You can catch some bush tucker with them, wear them on your head, swat mosquitoes with them, throw them at offending drivers, eat off them and that's all the potential uses can think of at this point in time. Wow do you and Leigh intentionally try to emulate each other? Beacause your resembIance is quite uncanny. Is leigh really a real person or are you just pretending to be 'Leigh'.