Sunday, March 14, 2010

The Quest for a Fly-Proof Hat Cover and $19 Worth of Showers

Only two days on, but some 85 kilometres further down the road, we have stopped at Merredin Caravan Park for the night, with plans to use all of our $19 site fee on electricity and showers. We had initially decided to stay roadside tonight but the flies that have decided to join us on our walk, although friendly, have driven us to the point of spending all of tomorrow in Merredin to find a fly proof hat cover (sorry, not sure of the actual name they have)
On arrival, the caravan park owners stopped us for a free icecream, drink and chat. So have definitely got our moneys worth from the place already. They like us now, but not when they get the utilities bill next month.
Planning on making it to Southern Cross by Thursday, so at the moment we are in no rush to be leaving Merredin tomorrow.

Thats all I got sorry. Heres some photos.

For some reason Sam insisted on 1- Taking a photo of this and 2- Me putting it on the blog. So here it is

So because he insisted on posting the last photo, I insisted on posting this one.

What happens to servos when they don't open on the weekends. Squatters move in.

After three days in the 35 degree heat without a shower, and getting there in the middle of the day, we were both set on going for a swim. Unfortunately that was as far as I got as I'm pretty sure the water was somehow below freezing without actually freezing. Sam lasted another 30 seconds, tops.


  1. This is Jobson J. Jobson reporting, stumbled upon this site and it reminded me of my crazy brother Jobson. Anywho just a few inquiries. 1. How is my boy? that is all.
    If you were wondering my middle name is Jobson.
    Kinds regards
    Jobson (jobbie) J. Jobson.

  2. Glad you guys get to relax for a day! i'm sure you both need it! However I am going to ring the store manager and make sure they stock you both with air-fresheners!!! Maybe the flies wont follow the horrid stench!
    Te amo mi amor! Talk to you tonight!


    P.s. Leigh where is your picture like sams?! Come on man!!!!!