Sunday, March 28, 2010

Trailer Mechanics 101

Still quite bad at knowing what people find interesting or not about the trip, I have got a few emails from people wanting to know what the trailers look like, how they work and all that. But most people just want to see more photos of us walking.
So here it is, the first and only trailer tutorial.

My trailer, the 'GC Love Trolley', almost fully packed. It fits 2x20L watertight food containers, a 10L container for toiletries, a portable butane cooker, 3x20L water containers and a milk crate (hidden) for all our clothes. All this was kindly and unknowingly donated by the Regatta Hotel.

The SlamWagon 12000 comes equipped with much the same but with a few added extras. The Solar Panel is connected to a battery, which is used to power most of our electrics. Also included as a built-in feature is the SlamoMeter, a standard speedo, the only difference is it's attached to the SlamWagon. The SlamoMeter's current reading says we have done 645.3 kilometres at the healthy rate of 6.7 kilometres per hour since his arrival, tallying the total trip up to around the 750ish mark. Mercifully it doesnt take into account our numerous breaks during the day.

Walking in the early morning, we have put a lot of reflective tape on the trailers so traffic can see us. To be honest we might have gone overboard and now it probably just blinds them.

This is how we move them around. Around our waists are elastic belts, and they carry 90% of our load. We loosely hold the handles just so they dont fall, as well as making us look pretty pro. The photo would've been pretty epic if it was taken on Abbey Road, not next to a random salt lake.

Not to say theyre not quick. Here's Sam dragging a truck up a hill.

After dusting the truck quite easily, he decided to take on a ute, with a 30 metre head start for added challenge. It turned out to be a no-contest, again.

So thats it. They're pretty simple, as is the premise of the trip. They're built for walking, we're going for a bit of a walk. It's a pretty good match. Any other questions or whatever, just send me an email at
I'll keep on posting that email address until I start getting some more emails! Either that or our phone number is 0419307323.


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  1. That reminds me of this one time when I was on my way to a client's house, pulling a trailer full of sex toys. I, of course, had the whole thing set out quite differently though. But the same basic thing. There are no cars in China so all the working girls do similar things and it also keeps us in shape. Two birds, one stone, you know?
    Anyway, 刑事生活(Thug life)
    Peace. I'm off to eat some Chinese food. But we just call it food here.