Friday, April 16, 2010

Eucla, baby

Eucla, baby.
Those two words has been the answer to pretty much every question we have asked each other for the last 18 days.

For instance it has answered all of the following, in some cases many times....
- When are we getting back into phone reception?
- How about internet reception?
- Any chance of taking a day off soon?
- What are the chances of having a shower?
- Can we wash our clothes soon? I've been wearing the same clothes for 2 weeks straight.
- Where is mum sending my bike pants to stop my mammoth chafe?
- Will we ever get time to fix all the tyres we have busted?
- Is mum going to send us any food, because we are eating like horses.
- I'm hungry. Whats the closest place that we can buy even half decent supplies?
- Are we actually ever going to stay in a proper Caravan Park and not roadside like homeless bums?

And so on. And we are finally here!!! It has been such a hectic couple of weeks that I'm only going to put one general post up now, then jog the memory banks and split the last 3 weeks up into two parts tomorrow.

But for the record, it has been an excellent few weeks (which was definitely not what we were expecting!) People have only got impossibly friendlier as we go along and whenever Sam and I are beginning to have a bad time, something or someone good always pops up at the right moment to brighten our day. Special mention to Noreen and Bill (I am REALLY hoping that is your names, you have to forgive us as we're both terrible with remembering anything, let alone names), the Canadians who have come to our rescue at the perfect moments twice now with soft drinks and chocolate, reinforcing our belief that 1- Sam and I are currently two of the luckiest people in Australia and 2- Canada is home to the best-natured people on the planet (Australia a very close second, of course!)
But they are by no means the only people who have helped out. Every day without fail someone always stops for a chat, photo or to see if there is anything we would like. It's a very warm feeling sometimes, although that could be just the 35 degree temperatures as well...

Other news, caught up with the support crew of Alan Bate, a guy attempting to break the world record of cycling the globe in 99 days. They of course gave us some food and drink, including some sweet sweet chocolate and were pretty interested about the whole trek. Anyways they posted us up on their site. I cant find my way around it as I am computer illiterate, but heres the link to a photo they put up of me. Sam didnt make the cut, I think they were just pretty impressed with my beard to be honest....

And of course we have gained more photos, even with our trusty $100 camera on the fritz. She is currently quite picky as to when and where she will actually work. I can relate to that.
Heres the photos.

Making it to Eucla, baby. Understandably quite a big moment for us, hence the tacky photo. Apologies.

Sam pretending he's a tree. There was so many of these trees as anyone who has crossed the Nullarbor would know (shoe trees, bottle trees, hat trees, glove trees... etc), but unfortunately not a towel tree which would been great seeing that we have lost both our towels. Using a singlet instead, not as nice but considering the rate of current showers its not really a huge issue at the moment.

The famous Madura GutBuster. Unfortunately it didnt come close to busting Sams' gut and he graciously offered the communal (my) wallet up for a second helping. The four burly lads at the next table were suitably impressed given none finished theirs.

For anyone who wants to know what I'd look like right before I strangle you, this'd be it. Sam knows how I get around cameras...

Charmaine, Dave and their great family, who caught up with us twice, once bearing half a trailer load of goodies including a few cans of liquid gold...soft drink. Add to that an hour of great chatting and you really made our days! Oh, and apparently I'm off to a boxing match just after the photo.

Finally, heres a draft result of a bit of a project I was attempting while doing the 90 Mile Straight. Was going to take photos of all the straight, but interest quickly faded. So heres two days of life walking the 90 mile straight.

I need your help to make this work properly as I couldnt get the background music I wanted for it (Once again, computer illiterate!)
So please, open up this website first in another window -------- , then play the second song down called "Bird of Feather"
Then flick back to this page and play the video below.
The music will run out towards the end, but you know what they say, you pay peanuts you get monkeys. It's close enough!

SlamVision! 90 Mile Straight

Song choice dedicated to friend currently being missed more than clean clothes and supermarkets.

Ok, hopefully that was worth the pain. Will probably be back tomorrow for less interesting, more detailed junk.

Oh and Bec, that was probably the best comment I have had, like ever. Well worth the 18 day wait. Thug life indeed.

Ok thats definitely it now. Bye!

And I love you mum :)
(Wasnt even blackmailed into saying that or anything, she's just pretty ace)


  1. LEIGH! The most exciting thing about the video was Sam eating vegemite and cruscet crackers to the epic sounds of COG. Probably my favorite crackers. The beared is quite awesome as well, probably the best beard I've seen since I arrived home from work an hour ago.
    Oh, also the walking is pretty cool.
    Good luck Thompson-Mathewssss'!
    PS. Tonight I helped carry the stage outside. Bridging the gap between glassies and bartenders.

  2. Leigh and Sam. Where do I start? You two are amazing!!! Have only just worked out how to post a comment on this blog. All of the Delaney household are following your epic trek and we all send our love and best wishes for you guys. Your blogs are very entertaining to follow and we wish you guys the best in your journey.
    Michelle, Rowan, Belinda and Michael