Saturday, April 17, 2010

Part 2- Eyre Time

Firstly, greetings from SA. Just crossed the border then.

Secondly, Part 2 of the last three weeks.

Will keep it short because of time constraints, having to try and steal another 15 kilometres today before it gets too dark.

Ok, so from Caiguna is where our pace slowed and settled just a little bit, as for the last week Sam and his mutant-like walking speed literally beat my legs into submission, developing some serious shin-splints in the process. That slowed our walking pace down from around 7 k's an hour to 5, but it didnt really affect the distance covered each day as we just went for that little bit longer while my legs were being nursed back to health.

But at every stop we kept on being warned about this Eucla Pass we were having to go up just before Eucla, with the Pass taking on epic proportions as we closed in on it. But as we kept on being told, Eucla was right there at the top of the Pass, so it wasn't all bad news. Well, it was the biggest let down as it was hardly even a hill, and certainly no match for the SlamWagon and his mutant-legged master. I took a big longer naturally, but thats only because I wanted to savour the experience. Either that or I was knackered after chasing Sam all day. And there was Eucla, literally 50 metres after the Pass finished.
We really had a great time there, meeting some great people who, as has been the custom on this trip, been far too generous and just do too much for two idiots walking on a highway. Also had some brilliant mail waiting for us, including three ridiculously huge care packages from mum and my very first love letter. Kim, I am surprised that we have put off marrying for so long. Do they do internet marriages yet? Anyways, didnt really want to leave that place and had to force our trailers out of Eucla. And two hours later we are here at the border and another roadhouse. After spending sometimes up to a week in between roadhouses having two within 12 kilometres of each other feels kind of like cheating. The burgers still tasted great though, as will the customary Magnum icecream we have to share afterwards.

Although he was already quite fond of the place, due to the well timed chocolates and soft drinks George now loves Canada. Especially Barry and Noreen!

Beautiful and sunny all day, then as we neared our final hurdle before our highly anticipated break, the thunder rolled in, the sky darkened and lightning started all around us. Felt like I was 12 again playing Nintendo and this was the final level of Super Mario Bros. Sort of. Eucla Pass was obviously Bowser. Bowser turned out to be a sissy.

Right it is then, good to know. That could've been costly.

Sam levitating, again.

Sam on the border. Pretty sure he's tossing up whether or not to upgrade to the trailer behind him. It might be slightly heavier but on the plus side it'd hold all the chocolate mum sent us.

And there you are, up to date. Pretty sure I wouldn't have missed anything. Will be back in reception at the Nullarbor Roadhouse, around 5 days down the track. Until then.

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  1. glad u boys are doing well!!!!! miss and love u much xoxoxo