Monday, May 3, 2010

Slammin Good Times

After fooling my legs into walking with half a tube of Deep Heat and some really loud rock music they quickly saw through the deception and realised that they were still, as my Aunty delicately put it in an email, cactus. So have pulled up lame again at Ceduna Airport, around 3 k's out of town. Planning on staying here for a few hours, plugging the laptop into whatever power point I can find and doing another blog before putting on the rest of the tube of Deep Heat and fooling my legs into getting a couple of more k's down the road, at least to the point where there are no more footpaths! Still don't understand how the human body works, I have been nothing but good to it and it is throwing me lemons at the moment. Might have to even bite my lip and spend a few more days resting, even though it was the rest that did this to me in the first place!

Anyways, enough about me. I enjoy whining way too much and would do it all day if I had someone who would listen to me. It's another problem I'm working on.

This blog is for Sam.

It's not going to be a big one, but just a bit of a review and a few embarrassing photos, as he is no longer here to stop me posting them.

Sam's Stats
1855 Kilometres travelled in 52 days
36.4 km Average Walking Distance including breaks
43.8 km Average Walking Distance excluding breaks
6.9 km/hr Average Walking Speed (according to his speedo, and thats also having to slow down for me!)
1 State border crossed
1 Nullarbor Plain destroyed
153 Hills walked
153 Hills complained about being walked
21 Roadhouses attended
21 Roadhouse restaurants patronised.
2 Madura Gutbusters consumed, consecutively
79 different poses in front of signs
1 brother who will miss you being there on the trip. Oh, and even I might a bit as well.

First day! Arrived in Northam as a quick replacement for the departed Mr Pearson. 4 hours and three cramps later, he quickly worked out how tough this trip was going to be.

Sam looking refreshed. Reason being it was his first day. He quickly got to looking like me.

What Sam looks like after doing 45 k's on his second day of walking. Knackered.

Sam trying to fly into a sign.

Sam going up a hill. He's probably swearing.

Near the end of his trip, Sam took this photo to show everyone how much his beard has grown as he hadn't shaved for the whole two months. Enough said.

One last photo of Sam hugging a random sign.

Well I wish I could say more about how good this trip has been with him and less about the state of my legs, but to be fair they are quite sore!

But I am going to miss Sam more than properly working legs thats for sure. Sam, thanks for being such great company, I am really glad you came so far and would have gladly wanted you to come the whole way as well. Things are going to be a lot different now, and I cant help but feel that the trip lost all it's sex appeal at 9:30 this morning on a bus to Adelaide.

Ok, thats it for now. Will make sure to keep you all updated on how much pain I'm in. I'm sure you'll all love to hear about it.

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