Tuesday, May 4, 2010

The Eyre from the Air

Another day of forced rest, so another blog.

Like I said before, so much has happened in the last week that there was no way I could possibly have fitted it all in one blog. So this is the rest of it!

I brushed pretty quickly over it in the first blog from Ceduna, and a couple of people asked how I got the awesome shot of the Eyre Highway from above or if it was copied from somewhere else. Well, all these photos have been taken from my $100 Pentax, and it no longer has a viewscreen. Or any reliability. So that is my excuse for the quality of the photos.

But anyways the photos were taken only because Dad took us up for a flight, taking us over where we had walked as well as getting a brilliant look at some of the cliffs of the Bight, something very few people are lucky enough to see from that perspective. So having a Dad who has a pilots license definitely comes in handy sometimes!

Anyways, the few who commented were pretty impressed with that shot, so I thought I'd post a few more that I took. While I was up there I took 350, unfortunately only around 10 came out really well as just after wer left it became really cloudy. That plus the photographer was a dud.

But here are some of the better ones, and even they do it no justice.

Ceduna from the air. If you squint you can see the hotel we stayed at. Or maybe not.

Yep, very flat. To get here in the plane it took 35 minutes. To walk it took 3 days. Bit disheartening really.

One of the many shots of the cliffs we got. Unfortunately some of the really good shots were ruined a bit by the weather.

Planning on claiming this Island. Found one for Sam too, unfortunately his was underwater. Wouldn't expect the situation to improve for him either, you know, with all this global warming.

Just so you know, this is the kind of quality the rest of the 350 shots were like. Well, they can't all be gold. Or even silver.

I said it before, but these photos dont do the views any justice, especially given Sam and my attachment to the area we have gained in the last month.

I also said this before, but this last week has been just fantastic. My legs haven't liked it at all, but for the sake of a few days of being crippled it has been worth every bit of pain. It definitely gave us a great perspective on what we just completed and made the trip so far a lot more memorable!

So thanks a lot Dad! I'm pretty ordinary with words, but hopefully you know how much we appreciated the whole time. Especially that pavlova. And I will hopefully be seeing you again in a month or so, although at the rate I'm currently walking you might want to add a few more months onto that.

Oh, and I guess it was good seeing you too Shaun. Download some Stargate for me.

As for me, this time of enforced rest I might be able to do a few things I havent been able to for ages. Like read that book Brock gave me that I'm still only halfway through. If he asks though I'll lie and tell him I finished it ages ago, just to see if he reads this. Because he probably isn't.

Ok, well now I'm going to try and stand for the first time in 24 hours. Wish me luck.

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  1. Those are awesome pictures--I can only imagine how cool it was to see how far you had come from that perspective. :)

    If you are anywhere with access to a bathtub, you should get some epsom salts and bi-carb soda and dissolve them in a hot bath...soak in as hot of water as you can stand, and that should help your legs.
    I am getting concerned...