Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Plagues, Punctures, Packages and Pitstops

Bus blogging this time. On my way to Adelaide, a few days earlier than planned.

Have had a tumultuous few days. The Trailer and I have been constantly at odds this week, trying to one up each other with silly pranks. After a long but fair fight the trailer ended up winning, by getting enough punctures in two days to completely deplete my tyre repair kit. That is 18 patches worth. Also, to give you more of an idea, leaving Ceduna there were the two wheels on the trailer, two spare wheels fully inflated, and in addition to that there were 4 spare tubes, all puncture proofed. And by the time I crawled into Kimba today I was down to one fully inflated tyre and the tyre on the other side I had to stop and inflate around every twenty minutes.

So in 310 kilometres of travelling since leaving Ceduna there has been 7 punctured wheels. That is not including the 18 patches I have used to fix the already punctured ones. Unbelievable. Must give my thanks to people throwing glass bottles out their window. Not.

Anyways in light of all that it was decided by the trip's executive committee (me) to leave the trailer at Kimba and go to Adelaide a few days earlier than planned, hopefully in the process securing some puncture-proof tyres, a lot of pizza, and a shotgun for anyone seen putting sharp objects on the sides of roads. That or a Taser.

Well, wasn't really planning on posting this early so have only got a few photos to share. What is lacked in quantity is easily made up for in quality though.

This is the 'letter' that was getting sent to me in Kimba. Unreal! Thank you so much Cath!!!! I am now the closest thing to a Woolworths that Kimba has! I also wont need to buy any food until mid next year. I felt sorry for the poor post lady that had to carry it over to me, she struggled to lift it understandably.... And dont worry, I will be finding a way to get you back for this Cath!

Still in the middle of a mice plague. A ridiculously huge mice plague. This poor little fella didnt quite fit out the same hole he fitted into the night before. Must've been all the muesli bars he had while in the bag expanded his little mice gut too much. Or he could've just been playing dead. If so, he did a good job at it while I kicked him 20 metres onto the highway, he didnt even flinch.

Well, the crowd keeps asking, demanding, pleading for it. So here it is, easily the most commented on thing from this trip. The beard, 67 days in. Enjoy. Notice there's no ginger in the beard at all.

Ok, so am actually taking a break for a week in Adelaide, hopefully not looking at a computer screen during that time! Then I'll be back to Kimba on the 22nd, where I'm going to be joined by another guest walker. So stay tuned!

Until then,


  1. Dear Leigh,
    I have no credit! I would have loved to hear about your HJs adventure and how delicious the vegetarian burger is, I admittedly have not had one of them since I resigned from my post as peace keeper between animals and humans. Something you seem to have done also, what with your mice torturing and what not. Oh, and by the by that mouse was cute, you could have kept him... Given him a name. I'm thinking Jeffry, he certainly looks like one. And by that I mean absurdly cute and pet like. Just so you know, you killed Jeffry. All he ever wanted to do was to be close to you.
    I'm very glad you can walk again, and with those new, muscular stilts you will have a job lined up as a model in no time. Unless you want to come back to the Regatta?!??? I'll take the lack of an instant reply as a yes.
    Anyway, I miss you to pieces and I think you should give me a call sometime to tell me how the capital city is/was treating you. Take care of yourself, Atlas.


    PS Ginger bread got mad when he saw your beard, he thinks you are stealing his look.

    PPS. I am dedicating this to you:

  2. omg poor mouse!!!!!!!!! glad you are doing good!!! sorry bout the phone.....


  3. Can't wait to hear about this guest walker. Who ever it is must be CRAZY! xo