Monday, May 10, 2010

Believe it or Not, I'm Walking on Eyre

Terrible song, sorry.

Well, Wudinna it is. Blogging outside the local supermarket. Blogging after cannonballing 8 Magnum icecreams in a row. I know, I have a problem, don't judge me. And Levi, indeed that is a new record. Don't try and break it, I'm not sure it's healthy.

Currently in a fantastic mood as from now I am back going through towns with roadhouses that offer free showers again. Will definitely be making a beeline towards them as have once again managed to dodge showers for around a week, admittedly not as bad as over the nullarbor but still quite pungent.

As for the walking, well, it's been quite erratic. Kind of like the person doing the walking. Since walking solo I have been enjoying 'sleep-ins', being able to stay in bed until 6 in the morning instead of 4, and although it hasn't especially affected the distances covered each day it definitely has affected the finishing times, in some cases not finishing walking until dark. But I definitely prefer that to getting up and packing up in the morning dew and cold. I don't get paid anywhere near enough for that. And as Danny Glover once famously said- I'm getting too old for that stuff.
But the walking has still been good, and the legs quickly recovered after the last blog. It was, as it turned out, a combination of mild muscle soreness and severe complaining about the mild muscle soreness.

Looking at arriving into Port Augusta in 7 days, and getting quite excited. I have been away from big towns for so long that I'm starting to forget what a Pizza Hut looks like, or a Woolworths, or anything that isn't a roadhouse for that matter. Did manage to snaffle 4 bags of dirt-cheap licorice bullets today though. The fact that they were a considerable few months out of dates shouldn't matter. Much.

Sorry this blog isnt too insightful, but unfortunately my already faulty brain is failing me further and my ability to recall events is not what it was. It could be the mice keeping me up all night by crawling on my swag. Not sure if I'd want them to leave though as it is quite enjoyable punching them off and hearing them getting launched many metres in the air. Hopefully that provides a nice mental image, and hopefully nobody reading this is a mice lover. Apologies if you are. I'm sure all the mice are fine.

Ok, here's the pick of the photos that I've taken in the last week. By pick I mean all of them. Yes, I've only taken 5 in a week. Whoops.

First town without my walking buddy. Tried a pose, but it wasn't the same.

After the loss of my walking partner, the trip could have either gone two ways. I could have become very philosophical, introspective and deliver some extremely insightful theories about the meaning of life and the sorts. Or I could take photos of my new super-toned Bob Kelso walking pins. That ones for you Jon.

A photo of me pretending to do this blog. Taken upon two milk crates stolen from the bakery next door. The computer isn't even on at this point.

The further into South Australia I get, the more proud they are of their ablutions, specifically their public toilets. Behold the Thunderdome, Wirulla's prized WC.

Minnipa's answer to the Thunderdome. Enough said.

That's it for now. By the way, if anyone knows where I can stash a trailer for a few days in Port Augusta please let me know, my number is 0419307323. Thanks! And if anyone says the tip I probably won't talk to you again.

Oh and also was almost through an audio book (which took 3 days!) when my mp3 player went flat, and I can't find the charger for it. So if anyone knows how the Scarecrow book by Matthew Reilly finishes, feel free to let me know. It's kind of driving me nuts. Wasn't even that good of a book either.

Will try to post again in Kimba (Halfway across Australia), just so I can upload a picture of a dirty old galah there. Might even get one of the Big Galah as well, but that might be a bit too touristy. Will of course be posting after I check the local post office for a much waited-upon letter from Melbourne. Thanks Cath in advance!

See ya!

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  1. ok, the photo of you sitting pretending to use your laptop is probably my favourite of all time and those calves.......i think i'm in love :P