Sunday, May 23, 2010

Blog 22

Have to start by saying Adelaide was great. Anybody I've spoken to and burdened with my Adelaide issues in the last week will know how much I enjoyed it. So much that I may never need to return.

On a slightly different note- A huge thank you to my aunty and uncle who put me up for the whole time in Adelaide, even though it was only meant to be for one night! Not only with a place to stay, but also with guided tours of Adelaide and some of the best curries I've ever tasted.
Hearing of how Sam and I enjoyed the buffet meals at Ceduna, Jane and Niels took me to a curry house that had an all you can eat special. This time, as with every other time, it was noted that it was all you can eat, not all you feel like eating.
The thirty minute walk home was painful.

Jane and Niels- I can't thank you enough for making me feel so welcome and feel that I wasn't a burden to have for such a long time, which I totally was!
Being unwilling to accept any gifts or any form of repayment for boarding me for so long, I decided to get some photos printed for them. Which I did, then promptly left them at the camera store. So for a gift they got an empty photo frame. Perfect. But new photos will be getting sent quite soon!

Anyways, have just arrived in Port Augusta, so a new countdown begins. Around 550 k's away from Mildura, my home town and starting to get quite excited. And word on the street is theres a whole new season of Stargate to watch when I get there...

Other news- My new walking companion and old friend from Seattle arrived yesterday! More welcome company! But unlike Sam who wasn't sure how long he'd be walking for, Carly is only able to stay for a short time. But while here the weather seems to be making the most of it for her. Windy, cold, raining. She is obviously thrilled at that seeing how I've been telling her how good the weather has been lately.

Been getting told from some people that they check the posts just to see the photos and usually try not to read anything on the site if they can help it. Most of those people are from my family. So I put one extra photo on this time. Saying that, I also wrote a lot more so they'd have to sift through all the text to find them.

Me, walking down some road

Recipe from the Iron Knob roadhouse. Wasn't sure whether to ask them if they were joking. For the record, Iron Knob- Strangest town so far. The roadhouse owners smacking golf balls over the highway from the fuel bowsers will testify to that.

One way of stopping the mice getting into our stuff. Kind of like putting the cookies on the top shelf at home to stop the kids eating them. Except replace kids with mice and cookies with anything semi-edible.

The GCLT, enjoying some alone time

Here's a fresh looking Carly on day 1, equipped with Akubra.

And here's Carly day 2. One of the very few things Carly doesn't like is rain, so when she arrived I assured her "It never rains here" Nicely done Leigh. She may never forgive me.

Ok, that's all for now. Will be going off the main highway in 2 days time as I take a shortcut to Mildura. It will be the first time since leaving Perth that I've been off a main highway. So theres a really good chance of getting lost. Will let you know how it all goes.

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  1. Words of wisdom from Carly: Walking this amount is crazy (I knew this going into it). What I didn't quite realise until I got here and walked somewhere over 60kms in 2 days (half of which was through pretty heavy rain) is that you can't really complain about it, because complaining doesn't do any good. You just have to suck it up and keep on going. The more I have been walking, the greater respect I have for Leigh (and Sam) for what they have accomplished. I am hoping to get a couple of hundred kms under my belt...and they have walked a couple of thousand.You will not know how great this feat is until you walk in their shoes (and i guarantee most people would walk 5kms and say enough is enough--this is SO TOUGH mentally more so than physically I think).

    And also, I don't hate rain. I grew up in Seattle where it rains all the time...i do hate being cold. So walking in the rain didn't bug me as much as being cold...