Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Goodbye, Main Road. And Carly

That below is why Carly has had to leave a couple of towns earlier than she hoped! You could put that up as one of those shock posters against highway walking, like they do with the smoking packets. Enjoy. Have a good look at that, then I'll write a few more comparitively mundane things after it.

And this is what remains of Carly's little toe. As you can see it has got just that little bit littler. With some imagination it looks like a new little toe is sprouting out of her old one, kind of like the aliens do out of the Aliens movies. Note: This doesn't look anywhere near as bad at it actually was. And please note that she went on to walk another 40 kilometres with that and numerous other blisters on her feet. Absolute trooper!

Ok, so Carly left today for obvious reasons. That means I'm again going like one of my favourite kinds of soft drink, Solo.
Coupled with that I am about to leave the main highway for the first time since Perth so things are about to get interesting. If there is anyone who has a few weeks off, currently near the Adelaide region and are handy with a map let me know, I could use you for a bit!
We made it to Port Pirie today and after farewelling Carly have set up camp at the local roadhouse, more well known for its famous resident "The Tin Man". Well, it's meant to be, but I've never heard of either of them.

Once again today was a bit of an unexpected blog, but I just thought there would be a few people interested to see the above photo, especially Chris (Carly's mum!). Not many would be as interested to see the others below, but I'm going to post them anyways.

Oh, you know, just a standard camp site. Check out the view.

Me with my head stuck in the trailer. Or could be fixing a tyre. Not sure, both happen quite a lot.

The Tin Man of Mobil Roadhouse, Port Pirie. Happy fella, but I'm guessing he wont be so happy when he realises I'm going to set up an unpaid therefore somewhat illegal camp tonight right in front of him.

Bad place to be sleeping, Skip. I need to walk there.

That's all for now, if I dont post in the next few weeks it just means I've taken a wrong turn somewhere and will post again in Alice Springs.

Bye for now

Oh and Kyle, been thinking hard on what I'm going to spend that $5 on. I'm thinking I'm going to invest it in the stockmarket and see it improve. Kind of like what the New Zealand soccer team needs to do before it takes on the mighty Socceroos again. But once again, cheers for the free money. Let me know if you ever want to place another bet on an Aus-NZ match.

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  1. Yes, the blister was bad enough to make me stop walking, which coming from me and my crazy-super-hero-pain-tolerance is saying a lot. I am so very disappointed by this stupid toe (and have said to numerous people that I wish they would just amputate the thing so I could keep going).

    The walk was truly an incredible experience.

    Here are some of my statistics:

    Days walked: 5
    Days walked in rain: 4
    Days walked with that nasty blister: 4.5 (yes, Leigh, I walked most of the way with that little alien toe...just didn't tell you for fear you would make me leave. I am TOUGH).
    KMs walked: 170.923 (converted into miles for you non-metric people= 105)
    Kangaroos spotted: 1 live and about 3 dead on the roadside (see above photo)
    Craziest place/strangest people: Iron Knob

    Thanks to Leigh for letting me go for a bit of a walk. I am really pleased by what I have accomplished and indescribably inspired by what you are doing...

    Keep it up!!!


    PS I think I shall have to refer to my toe as "The Ambassador." haha