Saturday, July 3, 2010

33- The End of the Road

Well, this is it.

I'm done. No more walking, no more blogging, no more lack of showers, no more spaghetti for dinner every single night and, most strangely, no more beard. It was the first thing to go, and not too many tears were shed when it was removed. Not too sure what to feel at the moment, other than the satisfaction of finishing something (for once!) and excitement at getting back to Brisbane and back to student life.

Anyways, I arrived at my final stop, Sydenham station, late Tuesday night. Sydenham was chosen as the final stop because it was the first Metro train station I came across and it was kindly suggested to me by the highway police that I shouldn't really be walking on freeways,
and they wanted to move me off the main roads but when it got down to it they just didn't have the heart. Or something to move the trailer with. But still I wasn't ever too keen on dodging city traffic, not to mention unending questions, queries and stoppages from passers-by. That and I felt a great aversion to an iconic end such as finishing at Federation Square as it wouldn't have fitted in with the rest of the trip. The finish at Sydenham was perfect though.

But deciding to trek down to Melbourne instead of Sydney was probably the best decision I made in the whole trip. At the very least it was definitely better than my decision not to shower from Mildura to Melbourne.

And, as we all know, Sydney is really just a poor man's Sydenham.

Not much left to say now, it's all been written before. And unfortunately my second camera was misplaced by me so have no photos to share this time. Instead I've chucked a few links below, 2 of which are slideshows I cobbled together (one you may have already seen before, this time it actually works properly though!) and the other links are just stuff other people have written that mentions Sam and/or me. Pretty proud of a few of the articles, mainly because all of them show both the awesome beard and the high-end fashion that I usually am wearing. After this I'm probably just going to take up modelling.


SlamVision- The final product

The Trip- Start to Finish. (Warning, it's quite long. Sorry)

Other Stuff

Guys we met cycling across for charity

Sunraysia Daily Article

West Coast Sentinel (Paper in Ceduna)

Barry and Norren's Blog (Awesome Canadians we met, twice!)

The Age

Well that is all there is. So 3497 kilometres, 117 days, 3 states and at least 1 somewhat changed person later I finally have the chance to say this, and I've never been more excited to say it.

I'm coming home.

Goodbye, and thanks. Can't wait to see you all again soon!